About The Day Trading Academy

Marcello Arrambide The Wandering Trader

Marcello Arrambide, The Wandering Trader

My name is Marcello Arrambide, I day trade in the stock markets of the world and then travel that world for a living. And I am the CEO & Founder of the The Day Trading Academy and directly responsible for day to day operations as well as strategy development & implantation of the highly successful Congressive Trading System.

I consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world to have complete freedom.


Location freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom. And now I want to share it with you!

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So what is the Day Trading Academy?

The Day Trading Academy isn’t just about one man creating a strategy and sharing it. It is about a group of traders that develop things together to make sure that we all succeed.  Too often in this industry there are endless stories of secrets and deceit.  If you are an experienced trader you may have been a victim of this sad practice.

We started The Day Trading Academy to ensure that we could band together and help each other succeed.

We consider ourselves to be an open source project where we continue to adapt to the ever changing market dynamics.  Our traders don’t stop learning just because they go live and are doing well. They get even better by helping to train new traders that join the training program and giving back.  At the end of the day that is what being successful is all about, giving back to those that want to achieve their own levels of success and freedom.

Master Traders - Marcello Arrambide

Master Traders – Marcello Arrambide

We are very lucky to say that we are able to have our complete freedom. As I mentioned above–time freedom, location freedom and freedom from money in the form of self-reliance. You can see some of our Master Traders above that have been able to see their dreams come true.  Manny on the left took his entire family to Italy on only day trading income while Nikolai and Guillherme on the right picture are helping us start our new day trading centers in Colombia and Brazil.

Every month, more than 147,000 people visit The Day Trading Academy on the web, in three different languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) to learn how to obtain their financial freedom and find a new way to consistently make money in the markets. Let’s make your future!